I've been a farrier now for 16 years, 15 years full-time.  The area I cover is  
as far out as roughly an hour and a half from Rhinelander.

There are other clues elsewhere in this website as to who I am and what I
do. I hope you browse around and find it useful.

The more time one spends in this field the more of a feel he gets for equine
lamenesses and associated problems. I do enjoy the diagnosis and treatment
of lamenesses in the horse.

I must mention that after growing up within, and spending a great deal of
time 'in and around' the show horse business, forgive me but I am a little
partial toward the less "showy", more practical, areas of the horse industry.
There's nothing wrong with the "show horse" end of things, in and of itself,
I'm just fairly worn-out on the "show horse" way of looking at things. I've
been there already, at every level, and I've had my fill.  It's become a little
much more like "show business" than "horse business" and I'd rather not
gravitate in that direction any more than I have to.  Although I do enjoy
the show barns that I currently do.  And there are also a lot of "show
horse" oriented people who I get on with very well.  But I do like to focus
mainly on lameness diagnosis and treatment/prevention.  Well...and serving
the pleasure, performance and sport horse.
Saunders Farrier Service
Here's a little bit about me:
Gleason, WI   Email: saunderstodd@yahoo.com    Phone: 715-367-6561
Est. 1995 - Retired 2011











Some brief informal articles I've written concerning often asked questions.
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Rates 2008

Trimming rates per visit:

One horse        $32
Two horses      $28 each
Three or more   $26each

Miniature horses are slightly less.

Draft horses $50.00+

I don't shoe draft horses, with an
occasional exception.

-Shoeing saddle horses:

One horse in front, $50.00
One horse all four, $70.00
Hoof Boots can be
very practical and
economical when
compared to keeping
a horse in shoes:
Thrush Products:
Stall Liners:
Tack Repair:
Kerry Wilcox :        
Double T Leather  
T5627 Riverhills
Rd. Wausau, WI  
After initial trim.
And finally:
The mystery is over...this dislocation is not able
to be fixed.  The bones will (perhaps)fuse in the
above precarious position and so we'll see how
this horse fares.   There is nothing holding the
horse up but ligaments.  Far from normal with
very poor long-term prospects.  Re-injury very
likely.  We're waiting until the horse can bear
weight on the damaged foot before we trim  the
opposite front foot.  And waiting...and... waiting....
Are you aware
it's legal
for you to give
your horses the
rabies shot
yourself. Most
any small
animal vet will
sell it to you.  It
is not legally
required with
equine to have
it done by a
The protocol is
different than
with small
Rubber/Plastic Shoes
Stevie Hartman NCLMT,
Cerified Equine Message/MFR
Here is a section on various warnings that people should be
aware of:
*George Judge and Judgement Farms is also continuing to
self-destruct and are not paying their bills.
*Arabians have one less rib, one
less lumbar bone, and one or two
fewer tail vertebrae than other
Randy Ryan:
Rocky Run
Saddle Repair

N5756 Co. J
Gleason, WI
As of June 2011 I have left Farriering and gone into nursing. I will still be visiting
here occassionally and updating things.  I still do emergency foot care and consult.